Tractor BELARUS-1221.2, 1221 Century 2, 1221.3
Manual contains a brief description and technical characteristics of Belarus tractors? 1221.2/1221 b. 2/1221.3?, produced by Minsk tractor plant. Sets out the basic rules for operation of the machines, are in their adjustments and maintenance. This guide is intended for tractor drivers involved in exploitation of BELARUS tractors??.
In connection with the policy on? MTZ?, aimed at constant improvement of manufactured products in the individual design of Assembly units and parts of BELARUS tractors?? There may be changes that are not reflected in this publication. Some technical data and illustrations contained in this book may vary from your actual tractor. Dimensions and weights are approximate (background). Detailed information you can get from the dealer Belarus?.

Release: 2009
Author: edited USS I. N.
Publisher:? The Minsk tractor plant? (fully recognized), DjVu, DOC
Quality: the recognized text (OCR)
Number of pages: 287

Tractor BELARUS-1221.2, 1221 Century 2, 1221.3-b1316b171f8f-jpg Tractor BELARUS-1221.2, 1221 Century 2, 1221.3-4a99dd7e73ee-jpg Tractor BELARUS-1221.2, 1221 Century 2, 1221.3-f3236ea0ca1c-jpg


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