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Mitsubishi Motors V6 6 g 72, 6G73, 74, 6A12, 6A13 manual

Mitsubishi Motors V6 6 g 72, 6G73, 74, 6A12, 6A13 manual. Rating: 5 from 5 , voters 1 users.
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    Mitsubishi Motors V6 6 g 72, 6G73, Peugeot 307, 6A12, 6A13-Guide to repair and maintenance.

    Mitsubishi Motors V6 6 g 72, 6G73, Peugeot 307, 6A12, 6A13-user guide/instruction on repair, maintenance and operation.
    The guide provides step-by-step procedures for repair and maintenance of gasoline engines for MITSUBISHI 6 g 72 V6: (3.0 l), 6G73 (2.5 l), Peugeot 307 (3.5 l), 6A12 (2.0 l), 6A13 (2.5 l) with fuel injection (MPI). These engines were mounted on trucks: "PAJERO", "CHALLENGER", "SPORT", "PAJERO DELICA SPACE GEAR", "SIGMA", "DIAMANTE", "ETERNA", "EMERAUDE", "GALANT LEGNUM", "", "DEBONAIR", "GTO", "3000GT", "FTO".
    The publication contains detailed information on diagnosis, repair and adjustment of the engine, the engine management system (MPI fuel injection, ignition, Turbo, proprietary system MIVEC), starting and charging systems, describes how to use the self-diagnostic system. The possible faults and remedies, matched the size of the main components and their valid go wear, recommended lubricants and fluids. Describes the design changes. were assemblies and units of engines in the production process. Note however, that cars imported from Japan, changes in design could be made before the dates indicated in this guide. .
    The publication is not considered direct fuel injection system of GDI.
    The book is intended for car owners, staff stations and repair shops.


    -the password for the archive: autorepman.com

    -If a reference for reviewing this material do not work-write a comment in this thread to fix them

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