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Mitsubishi RVR & Chariot (1991-1997) service manual

Mitsubishi RVR & Chariot (1991-1997) service manual. Rating: 5 from 5 , voters 1 users.
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    Mitsubishi RVR & Chariot (1991-1997)-Guide to repair and maintenance.

    Mitsubishi RVR & Chariot (1991-1997)-repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
    Mitsubishi RVR I/Mitsubishi RVR Sports Gear/Mitsubishi Space Runner/Mitsubishi CHARIOT/Mitsubishi Space Wagon. Mitsubishi manufactured in the period 1991-1997. The book contains a complete description of the device, maintenance and repair of the self(a) the owner of a Mitsubishi RVR & Mitsubishi Chariot.
    The AutoRepMan guide describes step-by-step repair procedures and technical works for forward driving or full car driving Mitsubishi RVR/RVR Sports Gear/Mitsubishi Space Runner/CHARIOT/Mitsubishi Space Wagon equipped with petrol engines model: 4 g 63, 4 g 63 t/s, 4 g 64, 4 g 93 or diesel engine models 4D68.
    The manual contains detailed information for repair and adjustment of control systems for engines such as the fuel injection system and ignition system, fuel pump of diesel engines. In the book there is instruction for using the system self-diagnosis, including automatic transmission and ABS; the instructions for adjusting / tuning the mechanical and automatic gearboxes, the examples of adjusting and repair of the Mitsubishi brake system (ABS), steering and suspension. Presented in the manual detailed wiring diagrams.
    Book repair Mitsubishi RVR & Chariot contains a list of possible failures and malfunctions of the car, as well as self help methods. Provide reference list of compatible sizes of major parts and components, the limits of their possible allowable wear; listed in the Guide apply lubricants and fluids.


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