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HONDA Orthia Partner Domani (1996-2002) service manual

HONDA Orthia Partner Domani (1996-2002) service manual. Rating: 5 from 5 , voters 1 users.
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    HONDA Partner Orthia Domani (1996-2002) - guidelines for repair and maintenance of the car.

    HONDA Orthia/Partner/Domani (the release of the 1996-2002 period)- Repair manual, operation and maintenance instructions.
    Submitted by AutoRepMan.COM guidelines for repair and maintenance of Honda Partner produced by (c) 1996 year Honda Orthia It was released in the period 1996-2002, Honda Domani 1997-2001. These cars can have engines models D13B, D15B, D16A, B18B, V20V.
    This guide contains information for diagnosing faults and troubleshooting Honda data for repair and adjustment-nastoečnyh works for the control system engines. Available tables matched the size of units and parts of cars are shown the limits of allowable wear.
    Individual sections of the book-guide is a service manual-Honda Partner, Honda Orthia and Honda Domani, also in this manual has a diagram of the electrical equipment for these cars.


    -the password for the archive: autorepman.com

    -If a reference for reviewing this material do not work-write a comment in this thread to fix them

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