Daewoo Matiz (0, 1, 0ì, 8ì)-Guide to repair and maintenance.
The book of a series of colorful illustrated guides to repair the car on its own. It examined the device, maintenance and repair of Daewoo Matiz. Details the possible problems, their causes and solutions. Maintenance and repair operations are presented on color photos and detailed comments. The book is designed for drivers, car repairers yourself.

Publishing year: 2006
Pages: 256
Quality: excellent
Size: 33.90 Mb

Daewoo Matiz (0, 8ì, 1, 0ì) manual-prscr1-jpg Daewoo Matiz (0, 8ì, 1, 0ì) manual-prscr2-jpg Daewoo Matiz (0, 8ì, 1, 0ì) manual-prscr3-jpg



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