Zaskučav public static function of restrictions on record arrivals on the ' Ring, Koenigsegg decided to add a wild hybrid Regera coolness — the Swedes have developed for supercar function transformer under intimidating name Autoskin.
The bottom line is that each opening part Regera added a separate drive. This and hitrovydumannye doors (no, well no more zamoročenno not opened), and trunk lid at the front, and the whole rear part of the bodywork that covers so-called KDD: hybrid system of 5-liter V8 and three electric motors. By the way, it even on paper looks like teeth-clenchingly — over 1500 forces and acceleration from 0 to 400 km/h in 20 seconds. For twenty ...

In short, the chip in the remote opening of all this. That is, with key fob-effect transformer, we think, in fact, very good. Meanwhile, the Koenigsegg has not yet called the cost of fun and do not specify the system, can I add this to the "normal" Regera. However, the fact that even though someone has already managed to snatch it, is the premiere public static function giperštučki only took place in the spring of 2015. And we would strongly recommended order Autoskin.

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