"Mazda" could not save your shiny new CX-9 in secret before the scheduled at Los Andželeskoe AutoShow premieres-the network has already hit the first official pictures of the big cross, which primknet to the 2016 model year. Meet!
Apparently, we are dealing with a scanned brochure novelties, but the quality and the quantity of material to help you evaluate the new generation 9 CX-on all sides. And to recognize in it the recent concept Koeru, quite modest public static function presented in Frankfurt in September turned out such series continued with almost all its prototype design tweaks. By the way, we recommend you take a closer look with cosmetics closer-in this direction will develop a corporate identity Kodo.

In General, the new CX-9 was released where meaner and sportier-looking predecessor. It is also worth to allocate enough of the original interior decoration with a nice two-wheel and front panel, landing a formula +3 2 +2 and a lot of skin (at least in appearance) in finishing.
On technology details yet, of course, almost no one, but we are willing to put a hundred on anything Skyactiv-style. Rely on Turbo, little cylinders and four-wheel or all-wheel drive. Well, share impressions-suitable update rulers Mazda?
2013 Mazda CX-9

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