For that's starting in Los Angeles GMC prepared two special pick-up, each of which claims to be the most luxurious cars in its segment is quite adult Sierra Denali Ultimate and slightly less gigantic Canyon Denali.
That before Morales (above), it is necessary to pay attention to superprodvinutuû optics IntelliBeam, 22-e chrome wheels and èlektropodnožki, and yet-finish metal inserts and wood cabin, electric front seats with 12 adjustments, heated and ventilated seats, as well as a wireless charger for Smartphone.
With engines all remain, i.e. very thumbs up-will be offered a choice of 5.3-6.2-litre V8 and about 360 and 425 forces respectively. By default, each modification is based on all-wheel drive and magnetorheological dampers.
About Denali version of the "Canyon" arrangement next: externally srednerazmeryj pickup is adorned with 20-inch wheels and a lot of chrome on a circle, and Salon mul′timedijkoj IntelliLink meets with support for Apple devices and gadgets on Android, illuminated thresholds, trim the skin with embroidered bèdžami specversii and of course stylized rugs. With engines relatively Sierra just simpler is a 3.6-liter V6 rated at 310 under force and diesel Duramax in 2.8 l volume and about 185 HP
These pickup-news. What GMC liked more?

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