The long-awaited spider "FIATA", designed by the Italians in company with Mazda and the new MX-5, already with us at the just-opened for journalists Los Angeles AutoShow otgremela premiere model 124 Spider of the year 2017.
Incidentally, sales will start in the middle of next year. Pro FCA prices not yet talked, but listed for that request to be — for example, for a completely new body panels and a good mix (from us) design chips original 124 Spider (Fiat from 1966 to 1982 year followed by a further three years "the Cadillac Allanté"; the pictures are looking below) with modern things like em, zamoročennoj LED optics.

In the Salon of differences from the current "Miaty" orders of magnitude less is entirely in small things. But there is a steep change in technique. This is about more than 160-strong turbomotore in 1.4 l volume and 249 Nm moment to which provides 6-stage mechanics and machine to choose from. Scheme for soplatformennyh otkryvašek is identical: with double wishbones front and rear mnogoryčažkoj.

On this until all (unless you are not interested in starting a stylized special for States in 124 instance Edition), so turn to pictures and comments — how do you brand new 124 Spider, good?

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